A Concrete Contractor To Fit Your Needs In Coronado

A Concrete Contractor In Coronado That Fits Your Requirements

Concrete contractor is a person or company that specializes in concrete construction, concrete finishing, concrete restoration, concrete repair and concrete polishing. Concrete itself is very versatile material with many applications in the building industry. There are also different types of concrete for specific purposes.

There are many reasons to use concrete contractor services – whether you need something built from scratch or want your current structure repaired. If you have never hired concrete contractor before, there are some things you should consider when choosing one service over another. The following will provide some concrete contractor ideas that can help you find appropriate service provider to fulfill your needs.

Two Categories Of Concrete Contractors

There are two categories of concrete contractors: general contractors who specialize in concrete work and concrete sub-contractors.

General Concrete Contractors

General concrete contractors are companies who specialize in concrete work, but also have skills to perform multiple types of building projects. These companies are usually bigger than concrete sub-contractors and employ a larger number of workers and subcontractors. They offer drywall and flooring services as well as concrete polishing and other related services like scaffolding rental or concrete water jet cutting . It is easier to get price estimate from general contractor because they know what would be the total cost of the project. However, you should also expect greater price because their overhead expenses ( workforce, administrative staff salaries etc.) will likely be higher too.

Concrete Sub-Contractors

On the other hand, concrete sub-contractors do only concrete jobs – either by contracting concrete work to concrete company or by receiving concrete order from general contractor. This means that concrete sub-contractors usually offer lower prices than concrete contractors and don’t have as many workers and employees on payroll.

As you can see, both categories of concrete contractors provide different type of services and the first task is to decide which one would be more convenient for your concrete project. Here are some concrete contractor ideas that will help you choose the best option:

Reasons To Consider General Contractor Services

General concrete contractors usually specialize in multiple building types – such as concrete floors , concrete restoration, concrete polishing etc. They also know how important it is to follow various local, state and federal laws so they comply with them during all stages of construction.

General concrete contractors usually offer concrete services at a lower rate than concrete sub-contractors because they don’t have to hire concrete crew on payroll. However, their overhead expenses are usually higher which means that concrete price from general contractor will be higher as well.

Reasons To Consider Concrete Sub Contractor Services

One of the concrete sub-contractor benefits is that you can choose only those concrete related services that your project needs. In other words, all concrete sub-contractors specialize in one or more specific types of concrete work and can provide different types of services – such as: concrete polishing, concrete restoration, drywall and etc…

Concrete sub-contractor prices tend to be than prices for similar services provided by concrete contractor. However, concrete sub-contractors usually can’t perform concrete work on large concrete projects because they don’t have concrete workforce and administrative staff to support such concrete projects.


As you can see concrete contractor services are provided by concrete companies of different sizes, with different concrete specialties and concrete expertise. For more information regarding our services at Concrete Contractor Coronado contact us at (619) 304-9897.