Expand Your Outdoor Living Space With Our Concrete Services In Coronado

Create More Outdoor Living Space With Our Concrete Services Coronado

Concrete is the most popular choice for patios and walkways, but its versatility goes beyond just indoor flooring. Outdoor space now spans further than ever before. The average American household spends about 90% of their time indoors, with that number soaring even higher for many city dwellers who may live in condos or apartments that require using shared outdoor space. So how do you create an inviting outdoor space without occupying your main living area? Our concrete services, of course!

Outdoor Concrete Services

The possibilities for different types of concrete services are only limited by the imaginations of our clients. Once poured, these services can stand up to harsh weather or other conditions that may endanger traditional wood or gravel. Here are some ideas for how to make the most of outdoor living areas with our concrete  services:

Pour Slabs

For an easy-to-add seating area, pour slabs in various sizes and shapes to create benches or steps. Some people install large pavers on top of dirt or grass for a foundation that will hold up better than loose ground. These larger slabs can also serve as a base for a fire pit or other outdoor project.

Retaining Wall

These walls are an excellent way to expand the usable area of a yard. They allow you to control how far back your new space goes, allowing you to create different levels of access and seating areas with the same material. To seamlessly blend the wall with your yard, choose a material that closely matches your existing turf or gravel.

Add Concrete Walkway

Concrete walkways are the safest option for navigating wet or slippery conditions, but they can also be an attractive addition to any yard or outdoor living space. They will never rot like wood, warp like metal, crack like tiles, or fade like paint. And don’t forget about curb appeal – the options for different colors and textures means they can blend in with the rest of your yard and still stand out on their own!

Patio And Driveway

Our patio and driveway services solve two common issues with outdoor living areas – cleanliness and durability. So instead of worrying about sweeping up leaves or mud tracked onto your flooring, you’ll be able to enjoy a worry-free area for barbeques, lounging in the sun, or just plain relaxing without a care.


The grass is greener on the other side – or it can be if you have a concrete  service! All of our services are formulated for exterior use, so they stand up to water and weather conditions that would otherwise damage their look and feel. You can even choose from a range of vibrant colors to ensure that your space really stands out from the rest!


Whether you’re looking for a new way to enjoy your outdoor living space or want to protect your driveway  and patio  from harm, our concrete services are available on both commercial and residential projects, contact us today at (619) 304-9897  to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced concrete contractors or to learn more about our services at Concrete Contractor Coronado!